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21 April 2007 @ 11:12 am
Jump in the Water, L/V, NC-17, WIP 2/2  
Title: Jump in the Water 2/2
Pairing/Character: Logan/Veronica, ensemble
Word Count: 5828
Rating: NC-17 for smut
Summary: Woobie Logan and Pink Veronica get a little edge thanks to a game of Truth or Dare. Set to the tune of Kiss That Frog by Peter Gabriel.
Spoilers/Warnings: Preseries AU - I mostly hold to flashback timelines. Lilly is not dead.
A/N: Happy belated birthdays go out to tigereyes320. You don't have to pretend this one is for you, it is for you! :)

part 1

Can't you hear beyond the croaking
Don't you know that I'm not joking
Aaah, you think you won't
I think you will
Don't you know that this tongue can kill?

Logan lay in bed, cock in hand, gently stroking and contemplating the weekend. He didn't particularly like Enbom, though he also didn't dislike him. He had really only gone on the trip to get his girlfriend back. He'd gotten a girlfriend - or at least he was pretty sure he had - but not the girl he had expected. Not a girl he would have thought of in a million years, and yet she was perfect for him.

"Veronica Mars is my girlfriend." He said it out loud, but even then it didn't quite sound possible. She had certainly acted the girlfriend for the last 48 hours, cuddled up to his side as they wandered Catalina, holding his hand and tugging him along. She had refused to play anymore stupid drinking games after the day trip, informing everyone instead that she and Logan needed some private time. Lilly's twisted fake smile and Madison's simpering congratulations had been absolutely beautiful to behold.

They sat under the stars, nestled in a blanket, talking about all sorts of things. They listened to the waves and felt the cool ocean breeze. She made a Titanic joke and mused that she probably belonged down below with the servants. He promised to drown for her if an iceberg hit the yacht and called her Rosie for the rest of the night. She responded by calling him "Jack-off" which made him laugh. When it got really late, she followed him back to his room as if it were always in the plan, and spooned down into his arms as if they had been doing it for months or years.

He hadn't kissed her again, hadn't dared. He wanted her too much, and he was afraid to let that show. He wasn't sure if they were playing a game for Lilly, or caught up in their own world of two, and he wasn't ready to risk himself until he found out.

He would know for sure when he saw her with Duncan. He was picking her up for school in the morning, so they could brave the mad hordes together. Or so he told her. Actually, he couldn't care less about school opinion. He knew he'd always be near the top of the ranks, always have slimy sycophants who hoped to catch his mom in a bikini or shake his dad's hand. He just wanted to be with her.

Logan stroked his cock and thought of the pink lips, the red, darting tongue, the hot kisses she had laid on him before Dick's interruption. But when he came, it was to the picture of her looking him in the eye and saying, "I'll do it. To Logan."

Let him sit beside you
Eat right off your plate
You don't have to be afraid
There's nothing here to hate

Veronica sat at her dresser and looked in the mirror. She had a picture tucked into the frame of her and Lilly, identical as sisters. She had always wanted to be Lilly's sister, had always felt left out because she was an only child. She and Lilly had even done the childhood ritual of cutting their fingers and sharing blood. Fat lot of good that did now.

Veronica pulled the photo from its secure mooring and dug a pair of scissors out of her desk drawer. She methodically chopped the picture into the garbage can. It was time to get a new life, with or without Logan, but as an independent and separate person from Lilly Kane.

Soon the picture was nothing more than trash can confetti, but it wasn't enough. Veronica turned and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. A ghost of Lilly Kane, with the long blonde hair and faded pink tank top. For some reason, it really pissed her off, and she grabbed a hunk of hair and chopped at it. It fell through her fingers like snowflakes. And damn it felt good.

Veronica leaned down, flipped her hair over her head, looped a rubber band around it and then hacked the whole thing off. The results were a bit uneven, but lord, her head felt lighter. Her whole body felt lighter. And when she looked in the mirror, she saw a new person.

She ran some gel over her fingers and fluffed it. Not bad. Sort of edgy, sort of punk. Her mom would probably insist on a professional cut to even it out. Shit, her mom would probably cry over it. But damn it, it was time to grow up.

Veronica examined her new style in the mirror, then grabbed an eyeliner and drew on heavy goth eyes. She laughed a little to herself and painted her lips red. War paint. She was a new girl, a rebel, a gunslinger. And for fuck's sake, this pink tank top wouldn't do. She pulled it over her head and threw it into the corner.

Veronica stared into her closet in disgust. She pulled out her former favorite shirt and nearly gagged. Bonnie Parker wouldn't be caught dead in the pink sleeved t-shirt with the glittery baby bunny on front. God. Why had she ever bought that? She took her scissors and stabbed the bunny through the eyes, then threw it to the corner with the pink tank.

She quickly sorted her closet, then her drawers. Keep clothes of a self respecting rebel, throw away those of a simpering pink princess. There wasn't much left when she was done. A few skirts, some jeans. A handful of t-shirts. She pulled a black tank top over her head and decided on the jean skirt that her father had insisted was too short. She'd probably get in trouble later, but it would be worth it to walk in with Logan this morning looking hot and wild. She grabbed a zip up grey hoodie to protect her from the morning chill.

She contemplated her shoes. The old Veronica would have worn the huaraches or maybe a low slung pair of heels. But she was supposed to be a new, ass-kicking Veronica. She grabbed the comfortable black boots she had bought at a garage sale with her dad. They had sat in the back of her closet ever since Lilly had declared them a fashion disaster. It was the perfect time for a revival.

Veronica looked in the mirror, twirled, and declared her new look a success. It made her feel bold, strong. The kind of girl who would make out with Logan Echolls and maybe, just maybe, beat out Lilly Kane for the position of girlfriend. She looked at the piles of reject clothes in the corner and sighed.

She needed to do some serious wardrobe replacement, and that would be a total drag running solo. Then she had an idea. She pulled out her phone and texted, "Shop afterschl? PS Sorry I ws such a bitch 2 u." She scrolled to Yolanda's number and hit send.

It wasn't quite as bold as asking Yolanda outright, but it gave them both a little time to absorb the change. And surely word of the weekend's events would be around by lunch time. Yolanda would know it was a serious offer, not a set-up.

A car horn beeped, and Veronica stopped in the kitchen long enough to grab a packet of pop-tarts and yell good-bye to her mom. But not long enough to be spotted or to lose her nerve. Her heart sped up as she thought about Logan's reaction to her new look.

She slid into the seat next to him, and leaned over to peck his lips with a little kiss. It was force of habit really, from the days of sliding in next to Duncan. It took Veronica by surprise, almost as much as it did Logan. Logan was quick to react though, and grabbed the back of her head to drag her against him for a longer, deeper snog.

"Stop that!" Veronica said, when she finally pulled away, breathless and blushing. "We'll be late." She wiped the Lust Lady Red off his lips with a smile and retouched her own lips after a glance in the mirror.

"Do we really have to go to school?" he asked, semi-seriously. He caught her new look and did a double take, checking her out from head to toe and wolf whistling. "Come on, Bonnie. Can't you hear the banks calling?" He added under his breath, "Or maybe my back seat?" Please God, let this be real, he thought.

"Forgot my tommygun," Veronica replied, rolling her eyes. "School?" As much as she would love to skip, today was a very important day for her to show her presence and be bold and in-your-face. No cowering, no hiding. Not for the New Improved Veronica Mars. Though the thought of playing hooky with Logan after the hot look he had just given her made her stomach flutter.

"I've got my ATM card, we could just do it the old fashioned way," Logan tried one last time. He wiggled his eyebrows and leered. "I'm packing heat, though I wouldn't exactly call it a tommygun." Veronica motioned for him to get the car rolling, so Logan reluctantly started the engine. "Your loss," he said cheekily.

"Oh, I'm sure it is," she muttered. Logan gave her a sideways glance, and judging by his grin, she was pretty sure he had heard her.

Princess, you might like it,
If you lowered your defense
Kiss that frog,
And you will get your prince...

Veronica stretched out on the pool house bed and studied her boyfriend. Three weeks and it hadn't faded like a dream. She was here, in the Echolls pool house, making out with Logan Echolls, who was her boyfriend.

She had been right about her assessment of Young Echolls. He was a total woobie inside and liked endless cuddle sessions almost as much as he liked hot kisses that made her brain feel like it was going to melt and drip out her ears. Though he was also capable of thoroughly criminal (and amusing) behavior, as Mr. Longley, the science teacher with a now racing striped, flames on the hood, 1988 Volvo could attest to. Who knew detail shops made house calls?

It was a new life, a new world, and Veronica was loving it.

Her hair was shorter, her style was bolder, and surprisingly, Lilly Kane was trying to convince her to be friends again. Apparently three weeks with Madison Sinclair was driving the Queen Diva over the edge. It was probably hard to fit both their egos in the same room.

Veronica figured she would let Lilly back into her life eventually, but it didn't hurt to let her suffer a little. Right now Veronica was enjoying quality time with her gorgeous boyfriend and her newest best friend Yolanda. Yolanda was a refreshing change; she actually looked to Veronica to take the lead in most things without being too much of a follower.

Veronica smiled at Logan through her lashes as he fumbled with the key to the liquor cabinet. Normally, she preferred to be sober for full make-out enjoyment, but since she had decided it was finally time to pay up on a certain dare, she wanted a shot of liquid courage.

Logan didn't know yet, and that made the anticipation fizzle up inside her like a shaken up soda. He was beautiful, truly beautiful, and just a little bit shy under that cocky facade. Smart and funny and very, very wicked. Veronica found it hard to believe how perfectly they fit together sometimes. She was pretty sure she was in love with him, though New Tough V wasn't girly enough to be the first to say it.

She licked her lips, and something in her gaze must have caught Logan's attention, because she could see his hand tremble a little and splash the rum over the edge of the glass. He met her eyes, attention locked on her for a solid minute before shaking his head and topping her drink off with a splash of Coke.

"M'lady," he said with a bow, passing her the glass as she sat up. He took a giant mouthful of his own drink and then set it aside and settled in behind her, spooning around her back like a well fitted chair.

Logan ran kisses down her neck that made her giggle and almost spill and so she chugged the drink down as fast as she could. She set the glass aside with a determined move.

She turned in his arms and pushed him flat on the bed. His wide eyes and the flush in his face made her feel like a goddess. He so totally belonged to her, she thought with a triumphant grin. In a small way, she owed Lilly for this, and maybe it was about time to forgive her old friend. Veronica grinned impishly at her boyfriend and put all thoughts of Lilly Kane out of her mind. This was about her and Logan and teenage hormones and drunken party games. Yum.

"I've been thinking..." she said, as she straddled his hips.

"Always a dangerous proposition..." he baited her, his eyes flashing. Verbal sparring was part and parcel of the make out.

"Only when you do it," she snorted, doing her patented shimmy on him and claiming his mouth for a deep and lasting kiss.

"If you keep doing that..." he gasped, "Me thinking will not be a problem."

"Oh, I'm gonna do more than that." Veronica tilted her head and grinned a naughty and lascivious grin and Logan looked about ready to faint.

"Um, okay?" he agreed weakly, unable to help the thrusting his pelvis seemed intent upon. "God, the shimmy. And the head tilt. Lord help me," he moaned. "My girlfriend is too sexy to be real."

Veronica leaned back and studied him. His t-shirt was riding up, showing a slice of skin bronzed and tight from surfing and sun. His face was flushed, his hair disheveled and adorable. But the best part was the worshipful look in his eyes.

"I love you, Veronica," he mouthed, almost as if he was afraid to say it out loud. He had said it to Lilly so many times and it had meant nothing, but now, with Veronica, it meant everything.

Veronica laughed in joy, and when he looked confused and a little hurt, she leaned in to kiss him reassuringly. "I love you, too. I'm laughing because of your timing..."

"My t-t-timing?" he asked, bewildered, mesmerized by the fingers walking down his chest to the tent in his pants.

"Decided today was the day to make good on an old debt..." she said, voice husky as she hooked her fingers into his waistband. His eyes widened in understanding as she unzipped and tugged.

"Oh, baby," he moaned, arching up so that she could pull his pants all the way off. "You don't have to..." He was achingly hard at the thought, though, and Logan Junior was peeking out of his boxers as if to check the veracity of the rumor.

Veronica ran a cool finger over the tip of the shy organ and watched how Logan's cock jumped and he moaned. She smiled and leaned in to place a gentle kiss on the swollen, damp head.

"Oh, God," he whimpered. "Oh, Veronica." He tangled a hand in her short hair and stroked her head, closing his eyes as the sensations washed over him. "You are gonna kill me. But what a way to die."

Veronica wasn't exactly sure how to begin. She had heard plenty of Lilly's stories, but somehow being faced with Logan's actual equipment was so much more real. She was stunned and a little bit awed. Just a tiny touch from her seemed to give him so much pleasure, and that made her... damned excited. Drunk on power. Wetter than the Amazon.

She rubbed her cheek against the hard length of him, almost sad to see the bare skin disappear under the royal blue silk of his boxers. She fitted her mouth over the covered bulge, breathing hot air onto it and feeling it jump and twitch like a caged animal. She giggled and looked up at her boyfriend.

"I'm sorry. I've never done anything like this before. I really have no idea what I'm doing," she apologized. That elicited a choked laugh from Logan.

"Oh please, feel free to explore." Logan said, waving his hand magnanimously. "I'll just lay here and whimper occasionally."

Veronica laughed. "You do that." She stroked her way up his thighs, enjoying the shift and slide of the silk under her hands. Logan's breath hitched in and out in time to her movements. "Hmmm," she hummed, vibrating his sensitive places. "I like how you react." Her hands grazed him lightly, deliberately, as if she were reading his life story written in the braille of his body's shape and curve.

"Best if you move slo - ow," he said, hiccuping on the word as she snaked a hand into the opening in his boxers and gripped him. "Or I might react like Mt. Vesuvius. And you would be buried like the people of Pompeii."

Logan was only partially joking; he was actually a little stunned by his reaction to Veronica's unschooled explorations. He had had many a blow job by experienced mouths and they had failed to ignite him this way.

He suspected it was the innocence, the first time feeling with Veronica. The secret part of his heart was thrilled to be her first, well, her first anything. To be so important to her that she wanted to do this for him.

Even if this all crashes down tomorrow, he thought, letting out his natural fatalistic pessimism, she will always remember my cock as the first one she ever got close to.

He closed his eyes and tried to memorize every sensation. Which wasn't easy to do when every nerve ending south of the border was being triggered and all blood flow to the upper regions had more or less been put on hold.

"God I love you, Veronica," he moaned. "And not just because you do this for me."

Veronica smiled, flicked her tongue out and licked a long wet stripe across the straining silk in front of her.

"If you really loved me, you'd be nekkid," she pouted up at him, throwing in the head tilt for good measure. This was all moving so quickly, but she couldn't help it. It felt natural; it felt right. And god, she wanted to see him completely stripped down. All that beautiful tan skin.

Logan replied with something resembling, "Gah," but was probably a, "Yes," and whipped his shirt off. Veronica helped remove the boxers, but kept the handful of silk. She tickled it around his stomach and thighs, and gently brushed his jerking main attraction. Oh, yes. The power crackled and roared through her veins. Gorgeous nude boyfriend at her mercy.

"Tease," he whispered hoarsely, gripping the blankets in tight fists as he struggled to get a hold on himself. "Never even done this before and you are a champion tease."

Veronica sat back so she could really enjoy looking at him, her first fully naked boy encounter. "I'm finding I have a natural aptitude," she smirked. She wanted to touch every inch of him and was trying to decide where to start.

"God help me when you have a little practice. It'll be handcuffs and feathers," joked Logan.

The heated twinkle in Veronica's eyes at that comment made Logan's already painfully hard cock weep with anticipation. Lordy lordy, who knew Little Pink Veronica had been hiding a dominatrix inside? The girl was still completely dressed, including her boots, but she had him stripped bare and three seconds away from premature completion. Just from a little snark and a few hot looks.

Veronica began to kiss and lick and touch her way across Logan's body. He stroked her shoulders and marveled in the soft fake suede feel of her tight black blouse. Judging by the way she was rubbing it against his body, she had chosen it for its sensual texture.

Her shirt rode up a little and he felt his dick encounter the soft flesh of her belly. He moaned at the slick slide and friction. Veronica apparently liked it, too, because she licked her hand and cupped it on the underside of his cock, creating a warm wet channel for him to thrust into, fucking her belly.

"My god... where did you... learn to... do... that?" he panted. He was so close to coming, he wasn't sure he was going to make it to the actual blow job. Oh, well. That would just mean they had to try again later, right? "Oh, baaaaaaaby," he crooned.

"Natural aptitude," Veronica repeated, still smirking, trying to appear cool and in control.

But honestly? Getting Logan so wound up was making her leak through her panties. She was dying for some friction, the touch of his hands but they had never done anything like that before. She was worried that she would only be lubing up the slippery slope to losing her virginity if she let him in her pants. She wasn't quite ready for that. He was already naked and that was much farther than she had intended to go, though really, it was much less than what her teenage hormones were begging for.

She settled for surreptitiously humping his leg as she slid down to focus on the main event. She was pretty sure he was on to her by the way he was gently twisting and sliding his calf around. The boy had a natural aptitude as well, no doubt about it. He was all for mutual jollies.

The rough denim of her skirt - the same skirt she had worn that first Monday, her Bonnie skirt deemed absolutely too short by her father - the stiff fabric rubbed enticing against her sodden panties and oversensitized bits. Rode up high enough that damp satin occasionally came in contact with Logan's leg.

Her focus narrowed down to two points: the ache between her thighs and the hot throbbing bit of skin between Logan's legs. She braced her elbows on either side of his hips so that she could support her weight and still reach out to touch him. She brought her mouth down for the first few tentative kisses. Logan, Jr. jerked up to meet her, begging for more.

She licked the length of him, smiling to herself at the chorus of guttural noises her boyfriend was making. She might have snarked out a comment... but her mouth had better things to do.

She sucked the tip of him into the warm wetness, surprised and fascinated by the way he was so hard and yet so incredibly silky soft against her tongue. She worshipped him with her mouth, stroked him with her hands, focused so intently on the tugs and pulls of Logan, Jr. that she almost forgot he was attached to the big guy. Though the big guy was making an awful lot of noise.

Veronica really did have a natural talent, or maybe it was just that she had become very attuned to Logan over the previous weeks. Whatever it was, she could tell when he was getting close to his tolerance and would back off just enough to keep him not quite satisfied. It was maddening, and yet, an incredible turn on.

Logan was whimpering now, and begging, but Veronica was enjoying herself too much. She wanted to make this last. After all, it was a long delayed payback to a very important dare. Everyone in school knew about it, it needed to live up to its fame.

"Yes, yes, yes," he grunted as she hit the perfect rhythm and he felt his orgasm building and then, "Noooooo, baby no," as she changed tactics and went back to teasing. "Please, please, I'm so close," he pleaded.

Veronica relented and picked up her pace again. She had discovered the perfect pattern involving a swirl of her tongue, a long hard suck and a fisted stroke. Seconds later, she felt Logan's hand tighten in her hair and tug a little and then his whole body went stiff. She sucked him in all the way, even though she was pretty sure he had been trying to be a gentleman and warn her to pull back.

The hot salty results slid down her throat as she swallowed, still cradling him in her mouth. Her brain analyzed that for a moment: she had heard so many horror stories, but really it wasn't that bad. Good protein, she laughed to herself. And now I am digesting a little it of my boyfriend. Although maybe it would be better to just say he was inside her now - sounded less canabalistic. More romance, less squick.

"Love...hmmf...Veronica...nap..." Logan mumbled in a less than articulate way, pulling her up and dragging her onto his chest for a cuddle. "Blanket..." he trailed off and she thought he might have lost consciousness.

Veronica wasn't sure if he had meant she was a nice blanket, or that he wanted a blanket, but she decided to pull one up over them. As she tucked them in, she realized she still had her boots on. She giggled and snuggled up to Logan and thought about how much she was loving the new way of life.

Come on baby, get wet with me...

"Hmmm," Logan hummed, waking from his little nap. He felt wonderful, and he knew exactly why. The fantastic orgasm helped, of course, but the main reason was snoring lightly in his arms. Though of course she swore the snoring was all his imagination.

Veronica had said she loved him! He was lightheaded and dizzy and hopeful. It was so different from the way Lilly had made him feel - the confusion and need and jealousy - that it almost seemed like a different emotion.

He pulled her warm body tight against him, rubbing her belly where her shirt was riding up. She squirmed and he realized she was still wearing her boots. He set to work coming up with some suitable remarks to taunt her about that as his tickling fingers brought her slowly back to consciousness..

"Logan?" she murmured.

"Hope you don't think it could be anyone else?" he teased. He loved it that Veronica's experience consisted of only two men, though at times he had wished it was only one. Still, he knew that was excessive, and anyway, he might not have been her first kiss or her first grope, but he was planning on being her first at a lot of other things.

He had been jealous of DK for all of two days. Basically, until he had seen Veronica tell Duncan off, not for herself, but for Logan. This little spitfire had warned the former love of her life that if he didn't get his head out of his ass soon, he would end up like his sister and lose the best friend he could ever have.

Logan had been touched at the sentiment and turned on by the fierce display of loyalty. And DK had come around and grudgingly admitted that the best man won. Well, maybe "best man" were Logan's words, and a punch had followed them. Then a bit of a scuffle where they settled things like men so Duncan could save face and be the "second best man." In some ways, it had strengthened their friendship. Weird how life worked.

Logan was planning to stand beside Duncan when he took on Cole after seducing Meg away. Veronica said Cole was a jerk and Meg was perfect for Duncan, and while Logan didn't think any self respecting teenage boy should be involved in matchmaking, having DK part of a happy couple would make them all breathe easier.

"Daydreaming again, rich boy?" taunted Veronica as she rolled in his arms and poked him to get his attention.

"Hmmm, yeah." He wasn't about to mention Duncan while he was naked and in bed with Veronica, so he decided to talk dirty instead. "I was thinking of ways to return the favor for what you just did," he purred, pulling her tight to him and kissing her thoroughly.

Little Logan sat up and took notice of the kiss and the shimmy. Damn the shimmy. Death by orgasm was in his imminent future. Not that he was complaining.

"Um," Veronica said, after they pulled apart to breathe and try to remember their names. She stared into Logan's eyes, stomach flipping at the intensity and passion she saw there.

Logan noticed the reticence and stroked her hair behind her ear. Ass-kicking Veronica held possession of the body 90% of the time these days and sometimes it made him forget Virgin Veronica was still in there.

"What time do you have to be home?" he asked. Curfew was usually midnight on a Friday, but sometimes Veronica could extend it. He figured it was about nineish. Which gave plenty of time for some groping and kissing and maybe another tiny nap. Logan refused to lose any more of his bad boy cred by admitting the cuddling was the best part, but he justified thinking it by knowing all the parts were pretty fucking amazing.

"Um... my mom is picking me up at Yolanda's at eleven? Tomorrow morning." Veronica blinked innocently at Logan's stunned expression. She held his gaze, but chewed her lip shyly. "That doesn't mean I'm ready to - I mean, we've slept together before and we just...slept... and I thought..."

Logan interrupted her with a hug and kiss, squeezing her with all the love in him. "You can keep all your clothes on, baby, I don't care. Well, except for the boots," he added with a raised eyebrow. "You in combat training now? Doesn't a boyfriend deserve bare feet at least?"

Veronica blushed, then covered it with a stern expression. "Someone was too eager to worry about it." She shrugged theatrically and winked. "I guess I'll just have to calm myself down for the next time."

Before Logan could get his brain around that - or maybe it was that the little brain was hogging all the blood and twitching happily - Veronica was standing.

"Skirt's too itchy to sleep in," she explained as she slid it down, giving Logan a tantalizing view of soaked panties. His jaw just about hit the floor when she pulled on his (slightly stained) boxers. "Oh, one more thing," she said, winking. She turned her back and did one of those girl maneuvers and suddenly a slinky satin bra was flying at him. "Now I'm ready for bed," she said, her eyes glittering wickedly.

"Urgle gah," Logan commented intelligently, noting the tiny poke of nipples through that sexy suedish shirt. His smart girl had just set some boundaries. She wasn't going to take those clothes off, but he could touch what he wanted underneath them. And she clearly didn't want him dressed. Who said Disneyland was the happiest place on earth?

"You are such a sweet talker," she taunted, sliding her newly silked lower half against his aching erection. She tapped her lip thoughtfully, as if she weren't grinding against him and making his spine melt. "I discovered this very interesting word the other day..." she twisted her hips and pressed and wriggled. "Frottage. And I'm thinking, frottage could be a good girl's friend. No clothing removal necessary. No..." she gave a particularly evil shimmy, and whispered,"Penetration."

Logan just about came at that one word, barely audible and hoarse. Someday he would have penetration, but in the meantime, he was going to enjoy the frottage to the fullest extent. Veronica moaned as she managed to get Little Logan in just the right spot to get her off.

Logan grabbed her slippery gorgeous ass in his hands and ground into her. He wanted to tell her he loved it when she brought new vocabulary words to bed, but his verbal capacity was completely short circuited. In fact he was planning on being brainless for the next several hours or so, and then spooning her to within an inch of her life.

By the coos and mewls coming from his girlfriend, he suspected she agreed to the plan. And oh, lord was she about to come?

"Logan...Logannnnn," she growled as she tensed around him and clenched him tight against her. The silk of his boxers was completely soaked through. The sound of his name would have sent him over if she hadn't drained him a mere hour before. Now that would have been a sticky wet mess, and he wanted her to sleep in his underwear, so he ruthlessly locked himself down.

"Love you, baby," he mumbled in her ear, stroking her hair.

"Jell-o," she replied, oozing over him in a boneless heap. "So good."

Logan chuckled and wondered idly if there was any Jell-o in the house. That might be an amusing snack later, since he was pretty sure she had not been confessing her undying affection for sugary semi-food products.

"Love you," came a weak muffled declaration from the Jell-o girl.

He settled in happily, comfortably. They had all night, after all. No need to rush.

Current Music: Kiss That Frog - Peter Gabriel
Snarkastic: pic#60879193snarkastic83 on April 21st, 2007 07:05 pm (UTC)
To quote Logan: "GAH!"
Damn the shimmy. Death by orgasm was in his imminent future.

And now I expect a new fic with Veronica using handcuffs and feathers. Please. Pretty please. With a cherry on top. :)

And now I'm off to go make some Jell-O!!!!!
keisha the pretty: it's supposed to be just songs__barelyalive on April 21st, 2007 07:13 pm (UTC)

oh i miss the hotness of your fics. sigh.

totally hot.
be_cool_bec: OMG!Porn!Candybe_cool_bec on April 21st, 2007 08:05 pm (UTC)
So i just thought i'd mention i was slightly deliriously happy when i saw you'd posted a new fic.

So good. I'm pretty much only reading pre-series stuff at the moment since canon has destroyed my soul and this was so awesome. Oh and totally hot.

Olivia Bliviousgertinator on April 22nd, 2007 05:32 pm (UTC)
canon has destroyed my soul

Repeat after me: Lalalalala Season 3 does not exist Lalalalala.

There. Now don't you feel better? I know I do. :)
(no subject) - jen_knee_suu on April 23rd, 2007 01:13 am (UTC) (Expand)
(Anonymous) on April 21st, 2007 09:19 pm (UTC)
oh. my. god.
barcodestripped on April 21st, 2007 09:24 pm (UTC)
I love your fics!

There hasn't been many VM fics out there since season 3 massacred my OTP, and honestly I haven't been too interested in reading the few that have been posted, but when I saw you had posted a fic I felt compelled to read it. I'm really happy that I decided to read this because like all your fics it was just wonderful and so freakin hot!

Please don't ever leave this fandom. You are one of the few writers that actually make me excited about VM and LV and I'm not sure thats a feeling I'm ready to lose completely yet.
Olivia Bliviousgertinator on April 22nd, 2007 05:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading. I hear you on the lack of good fics lately. Any hint of Logan/Parker or Piz/Veronica and I want to go postal. And I thought I'd be willing to read any Logan pairing, but no. At least no one has written Logan/Piz (and ugh! as I say that I remember seeing it at least once. Well, at least it didn't catch on!)

I'm still dabbling in this fandom, but it is all on the strength of old clips from Season 1 & 2. It'll never be the flood of inspiration I had going there for a while. I do hope to eventually finish Triangulations, though.
douladiva on April 21st, 2007 11:10 pm (UTC)
To reference an earlier comment, this fic was balm to my season three wounded soul.
Thank you for this very sweet, very fun, very hot fic! And I absolutely loved that there was no loss of the virginity. It was much more realistic and also enjoyable to have Veronica be the smart high school girl she is, using a little caution. The steady course you have LV on in this fic is perfection.
And, I like it when you bring new vocab into smut. Frottage...I didn't know my own first sexual experiences had such sophisticated nomenclature.
Olivia Bliviousgertinator on April 22nd, 2007 05:47 pm (UTC)
frottage: the practice of obtaining sexual gratification by rubbing against someone, both parties usually being clothed

A lovely word. I first came across it in my pathological psychology book. It actually has kind of a creepy connotation of doing it it crowds, etc. But slash fanfic loves the word for boy on boy happiness, and so I thought I'd use it in the consensual. :)

I agree that it would be too soon for V to lose the V. Hee. In general, I try not to think of the actual age of the characters and rather default to the age of the actors for less squick while writing smut :) but I do try to stay in character.
WeHo M.: VM - Breathe Meafrocurl on April 21st, 2007 11:16 pm (UTC)
Hmm....thanks Gert!

This is just an example of how much I've missed you. So hot and just the right about of character development that made this all so believable.
.: [vm] l/v this how it worksspeakvowels on April 21st, 2007 11:43 pm (UTC)
so yup, i love you.
Anitarowanceleste on April 22nd, 2007 01:35 am (UTC)
That was great..I loved Veronica defending Logan to Duncan and warning him that if he was stupid, he'd lose his best friend and Hee..Veronica teaching Logan a new word and knowing how to make Little Logan just as happy as Big Logan...I loved Veronica slipping on Logan's boxers..he probably would have had a melt down right there if he hadn't just gotten off! Hee.
andysimply_vm on April 22nd, 2007 01:48 am (UTC)
this rocks loved it
hippiedaisy27hippiedaisy27 on April 22nd, 2007 02:14 am (UTC)
Love it! Season 3 has been killing me but this fic made the ache a little less.

By the way, have I told u that I've missed u? I'm glad were back!
lapdogdesign: VM Logan BoyishCharm morbidmuchlapdogdesign on April 22nd, 2007 03:37 am (UTC)
Oh Gert, I have missed your fics so. Sweetness, steam, snark -- all the staples of a great L/V fic, and something yours always have in abundance.

So glad to see you're back. Can't wait to see where your muse takes you next!
InTheVast: logan's scentinthevast on April 22nd, 2007 04:36 am (UTC)
I love your icon! :D
(no subject) - gertinator on April 22nd, 2007 05:51 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Jessica: vm LoVe Look Logan Stylestarxd_sparrow on April 22nd, 2007 04:16 am (UTC)
I really wish I could be more coherent now, but, really, all I have is a breathless "guh!"

Yay for you!
InTheVastinthevast on April 22nd, 2007 04:32 am (UTC)
He wanted to tell her he loved it when she brought new vocabulary words to bed, but his verbal capacity was completely short circuited.

Ooooh I loved their playful banter so much, that they were silly and fun but also loving and sweet at the same time, you rocketh muchly at that. :D

Sherylstarhermione86 on April 22nd, 2007 05:19 am (UTC)
You definitely haven't lost your touch... This fic is wonderful. I'm so glad you published it, it's been reminding me all the things I once really loved about VM. I'm also really excited about the new chapter of triangulations. Here's hoping your muse keeps going. :)