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19 April 2007 @ 10:50 pm
Jump in the Water, L/V, NC-17, WIP 1/2  
Title: Jump in the Water 1/2
Pairing/Character: Logan/Veronica, ensemble
Word Count: 6525
Rating: NC-17 for smut eventually (This part is only PG-13 though. Ha! I'm a tease!)
Summary: Woobie Logan and Pink Veronica get a little edge thanks to a game of Truth or Dare. Set to the tune of Kiss That Frog by Peter Gabriel.
Spoilers/Warnings: Preseries AU - I mostly hold to flashback timelines. Lilly is not dead.
A/N: I just realized this was far too many words for one post, so I thought I'd post the first half tonight while I finish writing the end. 'Cause certain people (starhermione86 and hippiedaisy27 that means you *wink*) were begging for some fic. Sorry it's not Triangulations, but at least it's something. More of less a cliche fic, though I can't remember where I was supposed to post for that challenge. Oh, well, Trixxie will tell me, won't you, love?

Sweet little princess
Let me introduce his frogness
You alone can get him singing
He's all puffed up, wanna be your king

"Come on, Veronica. You said 'truth.' I want to know what you really think of Yolanda. Did Lilly drive the whore of Babylon from our midst, or what?" Madison was smirking as Veronica squirmed. Bitch.

Veronica was already regretting coming on this trip, and having to answer this question only made it worse. Why had she chosen 'truth'? She shuddered. Because Madison Sinclair loved to humiliate her, and a dare had the potential to go thermonuclear.

Veronica took a breath. "I like Yolanda. I believe her when she says Logan kissed her, not the other way around." That was more than enough to get her into a hole, and she was trapped out on the ocean with the Kane in question so she should have stopped there. But something compelled her to tell the whole truth. She had felt guilty for telling Lilly about the kiss, for standing by while Lilly cut Yolanda and made her school pariah, and maybe this was a way to even the score a little. "I think Lilly overreacted. Lilly was messing with Logan's head, like she always does. She should accept her own blame in it and leave Yolanda alone."

Veronica thought she heard a little gasp to her left, and wondered briefly if she'd be able to swim to shore if she jumped. Though at this point, drowning would be good, too. Veronica refused to look anyone in the eye as she swallowed her shot and then spun the bottle to determine her victim. An invitation to the the exclusive birthday yacht party for John Enbom's 16th birthday was supposed to be a big social coup. All Veronica felt was disgust and despair, and a strong desire to swim with the dolphins.

Damn Lilly for convincing her to come, and double damn her father for being out of town and unable to veto it. Her mother always wanted her to climb the social ladder as high as she could and had practically packed her overnight bag for her. The only silver lining was that Duncan had declined his invitation.

Veronica's mind was brought back to the present as the bottle stopped at the birthday boy himself. Veronica looked up into John's twinkling eyes. He was very drunk, but seemed to be full out enjoying himself. She sighed. "Truth or dare?"

John chose truth, and so Veronica asked him to tell the story of how he lost his virginity. Logan had once hinted that John had given it up at the tender age of thirteen to the Swedish au pare hired to watch his baby step sister. Veronica wasn't surprised that he was thrilled to be able to tell the story in all of its gory detail. She tuned out and concentrated on the ocean breeze. Ah, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, come rescue me. Though more likely this was a scene out of Heathers and she could only escape with a cup of poison and a faked suicide note.

The game escalated to near riot as the little bottle targeted various members of their circle. Lilly dared Madison to play in only her bra and panties, which she complied with all too willingly. Logan revealed that he had once hidden under a table in Alyssa Milano's dressing room and seen her naked. Enbom dared Dick to teabag Madison, and thank god Veronica was seated out of direct sight lines for the show.

Lilly, in turn, had to detail all of the men she had slept with, avoiding only names. She did so in loving detail, including a few Veronica had never heard about and suspected were during Lilly's "on again" times during her relationship with Logan. Veronica glanced up at that, and caught Logan's eye. He looked ready to hurl, and not from the prodigious amounts of alcohol he had consumed.

Veronica felt a pang of sympathy. Logan played the impervious bad boy to Lilly's slutty wanton but Veronica sometimes thought he had a sad little boy inside who really just wanted to be loved. Or maybe she had watched too many movies. At that moment, he caught her glance and the corner of his lips turned up mischievously. He raised his shot glass in a toast and downed it.

"Veronica? Veronica!" Veronica shook her head, and realized she had lost a little time in Logan's eyes, and now the bottle was facing her. She glanced around the circle and saw Lilly grinning like a cat wiping yellow tail feathers from his whiskers. Oh shit.

Veronica wondered if she should have pretended to pass out when Sarah Whitney and Regina Waters did. Sometimes it was a curse how well she could hold her liquor. On the other hand, passing out opened one to all sorts of pranks, the least of which was the hand in a bowl of warm water, guaranteed to make the victim wet themself. More elaborate schemes involved nudity, and occasionally, cameras. Why did hanging with the popular crowd always seem to involve survival strategy?

"Truth or dare?" Lilly's eyes held evil glee. This was so going to be a payback for speaking up on Yolanda. Lilly was vibrating with pleasure, and the evening had reached the alcohol saturated point where things were a little dangerous. Veronica contemplated. Lilly knew all of her secrets, and would not hesitate to force her to reveal them. No matter the dare, it would be over fast. Mind made up, she met Lilly's eyes with what she hoped was brazen confidence.

"Dare." Veronica knew immediately that it was the wrong choice and her stomach tightened. She said a little prayer that she was reading Lilly's expression wrong. No one say that look and lived through it unscathed.

"I dare you..." Lilly drew it out with a wicked, taunting grin. "To give Logan a blow job."

"What?!! Lilly! No way!" This was way worse than anything Veronica had imagined. She couldn't even look at Logan, but she could tell he was protesting it as well. She knew her face was redder than Santa's hat, and she could hear Madison's sputtering, bitchy laugh. Her vision swam for a minute, and she thought she might pass out.

"Are you refusing the dare, Veronica, baby? You know what the consequences are." Lilly was triumphant. The standing punishment for forfeit was a week spent as total slave to the questioner. But it was really the social impact that held as a threat; no one defaulted, ever.

"You can't expect me to - Logan would never want me to - " Shocked and appalled, she looked to Logan for help, and found she couldn't read the mix of emotions swirling in his eyes. She was sure at least one was desire. And maybe another was fear. Also hurt and betrayal. She could totally relate.

Lilly shrugged. "I guess he could turn it down." Before Veronica could breath a sigh of relief, Dick Casablancas piped up.

"Dude, I would so totally take his place," he offered enthusiastically. Perv.

Lilly bestowed a glowing, benevolent smile on Dick. "Well, there you have it, Veronica. Kindly Sir Richard has stepped up to offer you an alternative. Hurry now, you're stalling the game."

Veronica stared into Logan's eyes, ignoring Dick and his excited prattle. As if she'd go near him. But Logan, Logan was a different matter. A shiver running down her spine told her she was definitely attracted to the dangerous, lost, confusing boy sitting across the circle from her. There was just enough alcohol in her veins for her to ponder a little, "What if?"

As she met his startled gaze, she realized what this was really all about. Lilly expected her to forfeit. She knew Veronica, knew Veronica would never take the bet, would choose instead to kiss ass and grovel, to be Lilly's slave. Shit, she was practically Lilly's slave every day anyway.

This was a way to put her in her place, to show her she should not have defended Logan, absolutely should not have defended Yolanda. It was also a way to punish Logan, knock down his social standing. It'd be hard to justify his studly rep when everyone knew a girl had chosen to forfeit rather than give him head. It wouldn't matter that the girl was Veronica, the sheriff's virgin daughter who had never made it past second base even with her boyfriend. All that would matter was the rejection.

Lilly Kane had gone too far.

"I'll do it." Dick crowed in triumph, but Logan looked nauseous as his eyes never left hers. "Not you, idiot. Logan." Logan's face went blank, frozen in disbelief.

"Veronica Mars," Lilly drawled, and Veronica thought she heard approval warring with annoyance in Lilly's tone. "I never would have thought you'd do the deed. Especially since you could barely make yourself touch the Donut."

And there was the edge, the claws. Bringing up Duncan when the confusion and pain over his sudden abandonment was still fresh. Reminding the crowd what an innocent she still was, despite being Lilly Kane's best friend. Reminding the onlookers how brutally Veronica had been dumped, and suggesting that she was now just a tad desperate. Logan caught all the nuances; he was very familiar with Kanespeak.

"Lilly, you truly are a bitch," said Logan steadily, keeping his gaze on the surprising girl in front of him. His eyes asked a multitude of questions that Veronica was not sure she could answer. "Veronica, you don't have to do this."

"Dude, she has to do you or me. Personally, I'm hoping I get those fresh pink lips in my lap, especially since you don't seem too interested," Dick chuckled. "Once she's had the Dick, there will be no need for any other." Dick did a victory cheer with his arm. Madison rolled her eyes at John Enbom, holding her finger up to indicate a tiny pinch, apparently her assessment on the size and/or memorability of "the Dick."

Logan's hand shot out and grabbed Dick's shirt, twisting the material tightly. His eyes remained on Veronica. "Shut it, asshole. Or we'll have 'man overboard' and I don't know if anyone is sober enough to throw you a life preserver." Dick's eyes widened and he closed his mouth. "Lilly, you still have time to end this."

The playful atmosphere was sucked out of the room and everyone realized they were watching a Battle of the Titans. Logan against Lilly. The two had broken up and made up so many times it hardly rated as news, but this was a new sort of animosity.

Despite their age difference, they ruled the school side by side, and up until now it had always been with a united front excluding all others as insignificant and unworthy. The few chosen played court to them and groveled at their feet. But a schism between them could change all prestige rankings in the school.

Madison grinned. She was hoping to end this trip either as Lilly's new best friend, or as Logan's new playmate. SInce she was mostly after status, she didn't really care which way things ran. Though watching Little Miss Sweet Virginity knocked off her precious pedestal was a highly amusing bonus.

"I would have never expected you to get picky, Logan. I thought you'd take anyone who'd have you." Lilly's bitchy assault covered a strange nervousness on her part, as if she realized she had overplayed her hand and was suddenly not sure how the game was going to end. Though, being Lilly Kane, that only added to the excitement as far as she was concerned.

"That must be true, Lilly, considering how long I dated you." Veronica winced at the bitterness in his voice, seeing it make a direct impact on her best friend, though Lilly tried hard to cover it. Only Veronica and Logan knew that the barb had actually made it past Lilly's defenses.

"You're the clingy ass who can't manage to keep his hands to himself despite the protestations of love ad nauseum. You're trying to blame this on me?" asked Lilly, incredulous.

Veronica thought Lilly was honestly wounded when Logan kissed other girls, even though she was always pushing him away and breaking up with him. It didn't matter how much she cheated, she needed him to be eternally faithful. It was part of her deeper insecurity, something she would not admit to in a million years. Veronica had always forgiven Lilly for it in the past, but she wasn't willing to take the hypocrisy anymore. She was glad to see Logan standing up for himself.

"It's a big enough umbrella, but it's always me that ends up getting wet," Logan quoted sardonically.

"I've gotten plenty wet for you, Logan," said Lilly, batting her eyelashes insincerely. She had suddenly remembered her audience and retreated into the safety of innuendo. Lilly Kane did not show weakness. Ever. "Now I want to pass the pleasure on to my best friend."

"Maybe if you thought of Logan as a person instead of an object to be passed around, you wouldn't be fighting here in front of us," piped up Veronica. "Maybe you never would have fought at all." There was a hushed gasp from the rest of the audience as they gaped at her, astounded that Lilly's meek pink shadow had finally shown some bite - and it was aimed at Lilly. Defending Logan, no less.

Lilly was shocked completely speechless.

Logan flashed Veronica a look of gratitude and surprise. "I say the game's over." Logan glanced around the circle for support. John shrugged. Madison rolled her eyes and examined her fingernails. Dick was so busy staring down Madison's cleavage that he missed the cue. When Madison knocked him on the head he agreed. Though he probably had no idea what he was agreeing to. The others couldn't have cared less.

"Good night, then." Logan stood and grabbed Veronica's hand. She let her much smaller palm nestle into his, enjoying the surprising comfort of his touch. She wasn't sure what it all meant, or if she was going to be required to still pay out on the dare, but for some reason it didn't matter as long as she had Logan to hold on to.

"Wait." Lilly couldn't quite seem to get her head around the change in events. Her loss of control. The fact that Veronica was holding Logan's hand and preparing to leave the room with him. After promising a blowjob. "Dares have to be done in front of the group or they don't count."

She looked around hoping for some agreement from the others. She didn't get any. Dick was pawing aside Madison's flimsy bra and she seemed content to let him, though she was licking her lips and winking at a totally entranced John Enbom. Chris Jackson and Laurie Bell had slipped off in the confusion, undoubtedly to make out. Everyone else was passed out or off puking somewhere, or making out.

"Lilly," Logan said with fake patience, clearly playing to the remaining crowd. "You aren't my girlfriend anymore and you just gave me a shot with the best girl on the yacht. Maybe the best girl in the school. I've had enough games for the evening." He kicked Dick's foot. "I'm assuming you have no problem bunking with Madison?" Dick grunted an affirmative. Sarah was passed out in Madison's room, but if she managed to wake up she'd probably just help make some of Dick's dirtier dreams come true. Logan tilted his head and locked gazes with Lilly.

"Well, Lilly. Looks like you can give Enbom his birthday wish, or sleep alone. It matters not at all to me. See you all in the morning." Logan gave a cheery wave and dragged Veronica out of the room.


He's gonna dive down in the deep end
He's gonna be just like your best friend
So what's one little kiss
One tiny little touch
Aaah, he's wanting it so much

Logan closed the door and locked it, then collapsed on the bed, sure his legs would not hold him anymore. He couldn't believe he had melted the wicked witch, stared down the gorgon, beheaded the dragon. All thanks to pink little Veronica Mars. He laughed somewhat hysterically.

And remembered Veronica had made the escape with him, and probably had no idea what the hell was going on it his head. He took a couple of deep breaths to control his shaking and opened his eyes.

Veronica stood just inside the doorway, eyes large and wary. She looked ready to run for it, but they were on a goddamn boat and there was no where to run. The hysterical giggles threatened to bubble up again.

"Veronica, god." Logan laughed. He couldn't help it. The look on Lilly's face was priceless, knowing that her own game had done her in. She must have been so sure Veronica would obediently follow the rules. And instead Veronica got all ballsy and out played her, then walked away. With Logan. Logan grinned from ear to ear and patted the bed. "Come sit down, Veronica."

Veronica glanced uncertainly at the door and then at him. At the bed. He saw a little tremor go through her, and was surprised at the answering shiver tingling through him. Logan shook himself. That wasn't what this was about. He had to make her understand that. She meant too much to him, her friendship, her trust. The fact that she had stood up to Lilly Kane and spoken her mind. Unbelievable.

"You don't have to do anything, Veronica," he said gently. "We can tell them you did, or hold mysterious silence, or make up whatever story you prefer. I don't care. The real gossip will be that you told Lilly off and defended me, no one will care about the details." He couldn't help it, the giggle got loose again and he rolled on the bed in shear joy. It was like magic, and the spell that had held him chained and miserable for years was suddenly broken. Life was beautiful and shiny in this one perfect moment.

Veronica seemed to gain some resolve. She walked over to the bed, sat on the edge of it and looked down at him. He was stretched out bonelessly on the comforter, breathing deeply and smiling after his laughing fit. "I meant what I said. She plays with your head."

Logan couldn't hold her eyes. He knew it was the truth. Lilly would never love him the way he loved her. He had thought he could handle it, could live with never quite being enough. It was the story of his life, he should be used to it by now.

He had even come on the ship planning, hoping, to seduce her back into being his girlfriend. He had wanted that up until the moment Veronica had defended Yolanda. He had never really thought about Yolanda, not even when he was kissing her, and realizing she had become collateral damage had not made him feel better about himself. It made him look good and hard at the dysfunction he and Lilly liked to call a relationship.

He had spent almost two years chasing Lilly Kane. And judging by the list of conquests she had detailed, including, holy shit, the father of someone they knew, she had clearly not planned to let him hold her if he caught her. He was done.

He felt cool fingers playing with his hair and Veronica spoke again, softly this time. "I'm sorry. I know you probably don't want to talk about it. Not manly and all that, but since I seem to have drunk a goodly amount of truth serum with my vodka chasers, I just had to say it."

Logan strapped on his usual cocky grin as a defense against the sudden cracks in his armor and tried not to think about how nice those fingers felt. How they would feel even nicer lower, much lower. He sighed, and reminded himself this was Veronica and he wanted to keep her friendship. "Veronica Mars," he drawled, "You have turned out to be a surprising ally in my search for truth, justice and the American lay."

Veronica squinted at him and tilted her head, and it must have been the alcohol, because when her lips opened and he saw that soft pink tongue, all he could think about was the damn bet. It must be the head tilt, he thought dizzily. It did strange things to a man.

"Better ally than enemy," she said, adding with just a hint of a smirk, "Though I believe it is the American way."

"Speak for yourself," he chuckled, his eyes glittering. He wrapped a golden strand of hair around his finger and tugged her down towards him. "I am a teenage male in my prime. And you don't want to be my enemy. I might bash in your headlights with a tire iron."

Veronica laughed and flopped on the bed next to him. Her hair fell across his chest like a curtain of spun gold. And it must be the booze making him think pansy thoughts like that. He returned his focus to Veronica's words, but that didn't stop him from taking a little silky handful and stroking it.

"I don't even have a license yet, much less a car. And I don't think you'd ever do something like that. You like to play the tough, but I'm pretty sure you have a squishy woobie hiding inside." Her voice was playful, with just a hint of taunting.

Logan rolled and looked down at her. For some reason Veronica's opinion mattered a lot to him, but there was still a part of him that wanted her to run away, hightail it to safety before he got too attached and wasn't willing to let her go. "I've inherited the Echolls' temper," he said seriously. "I can do a lot of damage when I'm angry."

Veronica met his gaze without flinching. "I'm a Mars. I'm a stubborn know it all, and I've got a temper, too," she said. She grinned. "So anyone who wants to mess with us had better watch out."

"We're Neptune High's answer to Bonnie and Clyde!" Logan aimed his fingers like a gun and made sharp machine gun barks. "Buka lukka lukka! Tatatatatat!"

Veronica giggled. Logan found he really like the sound. He turned to her mock seriously. "Your dad probably won't let me date you if we rob banks, though, huh?" he teased.

Veronica suddenly went from smiling to a sort of stunned, shocked expression. "You - you don't really want to date me, do you? I thought this was all just a hoax for Lilly."

Logan tilted his head and looked at her, really looked. He felt light headed again, like the world was shifting around him, and he hadn't had nearly enough liquor to account for it. He had spent so much time panting after Lilly that he had never really noticed Veronica. Sure, he had noticed she was hot. He appreciated her twisted sense of humor, even if she was rarely bold enough to voice the wicked thoughts in her head. But he had never looked past that, until now.

He wanted to say, "Yes." He wanted to shout it, but his throat had suddenly closed up and all he could do was give a little head twitch that might be a nod.

Veronica had apparently not expected an answer, and instead had hopped off the bed. "I have to pee," she announced. "And we should both drink some water before we go to bed."

"You go to the head, I'll grab some bottled water from the galley, and we'll meet back here." Logan saluted her and headed for the ship's kitchen. He hoped he hadn't scared her away. She wouldn't ditch him and sleep on deck, would she? Somehow, Logan wasn't ready for this dream to end.

Everyone had apparently passed out or settled in for drunken make-outs, because the ship was deserted except for the stalwart First Mate, employed by the Enboms to make sure nothing bad enough happened to make the papers. Logan grabbed four bottles of water and four packs of Emergen-C from the stash on the counter. He was surprised at how sober he felt as he twisted a bottle open and poured one of the fizzy packet in before shaking it and taking a slurp.

If he were more drunk, he might have actually made a move on Veronica. As it was, he couldn't quite let go off all the history between them. He also couldn't quite let go of the fact that she had been his best friend's girl up until a few weeks ago. Not that the bastard had any claim to her after the way he had been treating her. Or rather, ignoring her.

How did things change so quickly? A little over a month ago, they had all been together, having the time of their lives skipping the homecoming dance. Playing truth or dare of a less deadly sort, cruising the town, hanging out at the beach.

Now he was heading back to a bedroom where she was waiting for him. And somehow, he couldn't quite forget the sound of her promising to give him a blowjob. He ninety percent didn't believe it would happen, but the aching hard-on in his pants one hundred percent hoped she had been serious. The words echoed in his head. "Not you. Logan." With that wicked light flickering in her eyes.

Alas. He got back to the room and found her already cuddled down under the blankets. She had stayed far over to one side of the bed, so he took that as an invitation that he wasn't expected to sleep on the hard bunk that doubled as a window seat.

He flipped off the light and crawled under the sheet. Veronica mumbled his name, and that was enough to make him bold. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, then spooned up behind her. It wasn't what he had hoped for, but Little Logan didn't mind too much, since he got to nestle up to her tight little ass.

Logan stroked her hair a few times and marveled at how nice it felt. This must be the appeal of normal relationships. Lilly never wanted to cuddle. She was more of a "Get off and get out" kind of gal. Logan thought he might be able to get used to the change.

I swear that this is royal blood
Running through my skin
Oh can you see the state I'm in
Kiss it better, kiss it better

Veronica woke slowly. She had just a little headache, since she had followed her mom's party advice - really some of the best advice ever - and spent most of the night walking around with a half full drink that she never really drank out of.

It wasn't that she was prudish, or a goody goody, it was just that she really didn't like to lose control, especially in the den of vipers she was currently attempting to call her friends. Her dad was the sheriff, and she liked to listen at doorways, so she had heard plenty of horror stories.

It was only when it came down to the shots during Truth or Dare that she couldn't fake it, and though her turns had been quite dramatic, they had also been blessedly rare. She had also finished off an entire bottle of water with Emergen-C added when she woke up at 4 AM for a potty break.

Speaking of vipers, she should have known her friendship with Lilly would come around to bite her on the ass. Damn the Kanes. For a minute, her eyes felt hot and stingy, but she sucked it up and hardened her heart. She had cried all the tears she was going to cry for Duncan Kane.

Thinking of Duncan Kane reminded her of the snuggly warm body pressed tight to hers, the decidedly male body that was decidedly not her asshole ex-boyfriend. Was it wrong to enjoy Logan's warmth so much? She wanted to just melt into him, though of course, that was scary, too.

She and Duncan had never spent the night together, unless all night with Logan and Lilly in the limo counted. There had been plenty of making out that night. She had even napped curled up next to Duncan on the plush leather bench seat while Logan and Lilly had wild sexcapades on the beach.

Logan. Logan. She was here, now, laying on top of Logan, legs tangled in his, nose burrowed into his chest. He smelled really good, she noticed, just a hint of sharp edged cologne, but mostly sunshine and sunscreen and salt water.

It should feel stranger than it did. After all, she was the school's number one virgin, and he was the bad boy, sex-on-a-stick son of movie stars. Certainly the feel of his body against hers was causing an upheaval of the senses and her hormones were running full tilt to short circuit her brain. She wondered what it would be like to kiss him, to be naked against him. And those weren't the kind of thoughts Veronica Mars was used to.

But still, it should feel strange, and it didn't. It felt fantastic, it felt giddy and promising and absolutely... natural.

"Are you sniffing me?" a voice asked wryly. "I hope that's not a sign I should have showered before bed."

"You smell... nice," she admitted, through a blushing grimace. She paused and then decided, what the hell, the new Veronica spoke her mind. "I was just thinking how weird it was, that this felt so natural."

"Yeah," Logan sounded thoughtful, and Veronica peeked up at him. He smiled and winked. "We must be made for each other." He tightened his arms in a hug, and his stare went a notch more intense.

The look in his eyes made her heart beat like hummingbird wings, and she was sure he wanted to kiss her. But her mouth felt like she had been sucking on gym socks, and she didn't want their first kiss to go down that way.

"Um, water?" she asked reaching out to the table. That caused an interesting bit of rubbing that made Logan bite back a moan. Veronica felt a proud little tingle that she could cause that kind of noise accidentally, and she covered her smile by taking a chug from the water bottle. She swished the water in her mouth until she felt a little cleaner - not minty fresh by any means, but at least it didn't taste like roadkill had chosen her mouth as a final resting spot.

She offered the bottle to Logan and took a deep breath, stealing herself to kiss the very sexy boy she was in bed with. Her dad would have conniptions if he knew, and Logan would probably end up with some body parts shot off if he lived through it. Veronica firmly set that aside from her mind, and as soon as Logan put down the water bottle, she leaned in. He looked surprised, but very willing.

The first touch of their lips didn't feel that exceptional. He was warm, slightly damp. He tasted a little like Tang from the vitamin booster. But then something changed - a touch of tongue, a little nip at her lip. His hands pulled her fully on top of him, and the heat from his body burned through her. All thoughts disappeared, and she became pure sensation.

Several minutes passed, and if her brain had been able to assemble any complete sentences, she might have thought, "I could do this for hours and hours." Judging by the whimpers, groans and moans coming from Logan, his brain was having difficulty with coherent thought as well.

"Oh, my god," Logan finally gasped, and his voice was hoarse, gutteral. He pulled her hips tight against him and touched his forehead to hers. "You've gotta stop doing that shimmy thing or I'm gonna..." He took a few jagged breaths. "Give me a minute here."

Veronica smirked and nipped little kisses along his chin. Dear god, but she felt powerful. This was so different than Duncan and his somewhat sloppy, fumbling kisses. She thought back to the limited number of kisses she had shared with other boys and was sure none were anything like this.

Logan was apparently back in control and ready for round two as he took repossession of her lips and moved one hand up to fist in her hair. He moaned her name and it went in a sizzling streak straight down her spine into her panties, and suddenly she understood how kissing could be dangerous and lead to bad decisions. Like getting completely naked with your best friend's ex who was also your ex's best friend. On a yacht with an assortment of your worst enemies.

Just as she was contemplating removing a few layers of Logan's clothes at least - damn, when did it get so hot in here, Logan's skin was like fire - she realized that the loud pounding she was hearing was not her heart, but rather an unpleasant interruption by Dick Casablancas.

"Dude. We're docking in Catalina and I want to grab a shower and change my clothes." Dick continued to pound on the door. "If you don't want to go ashore, you can get your grind on after I get fresh skivvies."

"Oh, come on Dick. You just want to gawk. The whole world knows you prefer to go commando, since you delight in showing us despite our screams for mercy." Veronica put her hand over her mouth, eyes wide as she looked at Logan. Had she really said that out loud? Her brain/mouth barrier was clearly in tattered ruins after the previous night.

Logan just chuckled and kissed her forehead. "Stay under the covers, I'll handle him." He straightened his clothes and tried to pull his t-shirt down enough to cover the tent in his shorts.

"You have 2 minutes," Logan said as he opened the door, pointedly staring at his watch. He saw Dick's head swivel towards the bed, and he cuffed the bleach blonde locks. Hard. "Eyes straight ahead, grab your duffle and go."

Dick did as he was told, but on the way out, he gave a low impressed whistle and thumbs up. "Way to melt the ice queen, dude, you are totally my hero."

"One more word about Veronica and I'll unleash my super powers on your ass," Logan warned, slamming the door behind Dick. "Dipshit."

"Logan, what are we going to do?" The reality of the situation suddenly hit Veronica like a meteor, flaming melted rock trail and all.

Logan sat on the bed and reached out for her hand, curling his fingers through hers and staring at how they intertwined. "I say we play it like the newest hot couple at Neptune High." He glanced up at her with a smirk. "We won't have to fake the chemistry. We just let people assume whatever they want and stand solid together in our own happy world. If we're bold enough, they'll all just fall in line."

Spoken like a true king of the school, though Veronica. Logan was a leader, not a follower, and if he acted confident enough in his actions, the minions would kiss his ass and slip down to their knees. The feeding frenzy only happened when they sensed weakness in a person.

Veronica stared at him, trying to let the words penetrate. Was Logan saying he wanted to be a couple? Or that he wanted to pretend to be a couple? She couldn't quite read the expression on his face, other than to say he looked vulnerable. Which surprised her a little, but also confirmed some of her more recent assessments of his character.

There was just one thing that bothered her about the plan. She hated to bring it up, hated to say the name, but she just couldn't let it go. "What about Duncan?"

She saw Logan wince and wondered if he would regret their stand. Duncan was his best friend, and there was no telling how he would react to the news that they were a couple. If in fact they were a couple.

A month ago, she would have been able to predict Duncan's reaction, Duncan's every action. He had always been reassuringly predictable. Then suddenly out of no where, he had stopped talking to her. Lilly had actually been the one to explain that they were broken up, and after a couple days of reassuring her that Duncan would come around, she had told Veronica to get over it and move on. It was bewildering and painful, to say the least.

"What about Duncan?" Logan finally asked.

"Well." Veronica didn't really know where to begin. "I know he's your best friend."

"And he should want me to be happy. Which I wasn't with Lilly. And apparently he wasn't with you. No offense." There was a slightly hard edge to Logan's voice. Veronica wondered if it was really that easy for him. Then again, he was the son of movie stars. He was probably used to the whole world just agreeing with whatever he wanted.

"I just don't want you to lose any friends because of me." Veronica bit her lip, and Logan touched a finger tip to it gently, soothing the tender bite mark.

"Don't worry." Logan smiled and it reached all the way to his eyes. "Any friends lost because of this were never true friends anyway. Now go get dressed, I'll meet you topside in twenty." He gave her a little kiss for luck, and because it felt too damn good and he had never been much for self denial.

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so i was wondering where you were, i was getting worried but i'm glad you're back. :D

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This is such a intriguing take on pre-series Logan. I'm really looking forward to the rest. Of course, if this fic is priming the pump for Triangulations, I'm in heaven.
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I've missed me, too! :) The muse just isn't what it used to be. Second part is up now, though.
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****Triangulations spoiler: Lilly's ghost decided to show up in one of V's dreams. Go Lilly!
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